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Close-up photograph of a green fern frond


The Koru is the symbol of my clinic in acknowledgement of the part that Aotearoa New Zealand played in my introduction to acupuncture.

The Koru (Māori for "loop" or "coil") represents regeneration, growth and development.  This is what my journey to change careers and Koru Acupuncture means to me.


The Koru also represents harmony and balance, with its proportions depicting the equilibrium of the Universe.  Treatments in my clinic are designed to help you find your balance, whatever the reason behind your visit.

Just as I am committed to continuous study of both the Traditional Chinese Medicine which brought about acupuncture and to modern research, I continue to learn about the Māori culture and what it means to be Tangata Tiriti. 

Koru Acupuncture uses the Koru symbol with respect and gratitude.

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