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Scar Therapy FAQ's

How can Scar Therapy help?

Promote functional and cosmetic improvements after surgery, procedure or injury creates scar tissue.

Reduce common symptoms, such as pain and sensitivity.

Stimulate change to scar tissue on the skin surface, and to adhesions or fibrosis in the underlying tissue

Which areas is it used for?

RESTORE Scar Therapy can be used on both body and face.


What's included in my treatment?

Your appointment will include a special scar massage - at the right pace and pressure to suit you - plus advice for caring for your scar at home. 

Your general wellbeing will also be supported with the knowledge behind my existing physical therapy skills. 

You can combine your Scar Therapy treatment with an acupuncture session, or have this as a

standalone treatment. 

What if I am uncomfortable touching my scar, about how it happened or how it looks?

Firstly, please do not worry.

My training allows me to modify your treatment to specifically suit you.

I also understand that talking about the experiences surrounding your scar may generate emotional feelings. 

I have my own scars, with their own stories and will do all I can to put you at ease during your treatment.

When will I notice changes?

You may immediately notice changes, or you may notice changes in the days following treatment. 

Some people require a couple of treatments before any significant changes are observed.

How soon can I have scar therapy?

Generally speaking, you can commence therapy once you've completed 8 weeks of healing. 

However, to avoid issues with starting your first treatment, please get in touch before booking

so we can chat about your individual circumstances.

Will my scar vanish?

Unfortunately, we can't make your scar tissue disappear. 

Results vary, and early treatment is recommended for the best cosmetic results. 

BUT it's never too late and old scars can still benefit from treatment as well.

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