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RESTORE Scar Practitioner Badge
Picture of fingers gently touching a surgical scar

Introducing RESTORE Scar Therapy here at the Koru Acupuncture Clinic

Sarah has completed her training under Emma Holly, one of the UK's leading scar tissue therapists and an international speaker and educator on the subject.

RESTORE Scar Therapy is a non-invasive physical therapy developed to treat scar tissue, fibrosis and adhesions following surgery, procedures, injuries and burns.  Used within the NHS and leading private healthcare providers, it is a gentle treatment with great results!

Scar massage is considered an effective way to decrease scar tissue build up and help make scars less noticeable.  Treatment can help reduce symptoms such as:

  • Pain, sensitivity or numbness

  • Limited movement or tightness

  • Pulling or puckering

  • Fibrous scar tissue or scar adhesions

Scar therapy can usually begin once all the scabs from an injury are gone. 

Ideal scar therapy can start around 6-14 weeks after a surgery, though if it's a serious injury or major surgery, you may be asked to check with your Consultant before starting treatment.

A RESTORE Scar Therapy appointment would ideally be booked by the first 6-12 months after an injury or surgery (even if you are not experiencing any unwanted complications).  

BUT treatment is effective in older scars too and it's never too late for them to improve.

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