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Picture of Acupuncture clinic showing treatment couch


1st Floor
126 Orsett Road
Grays, Essex
RM17 5ET

The original Koru Acupuncture clinic, designed to be a peaceful, modern and relaxing haven which gives you space to prioritise yourself and your health. 
You can expect to be listened to and to receive a treatment tailored to you as an individual, whether this is Acupuncture, Scar Therapy or a facial treatment. 
Koru is founded on a principle of non-judgement and equality.

The Clinic room is on the First Floor, which is accessed by stairs.  There is regrettably no lift access.  If you are concerned that your health conditions may make access to the Clinic space difficult, please get in touch to discuss any ways I may be able to help you.





Initial Consultation (Up to 90 mins.) - £50

An extended appointment for patients who have not visited previously.

Includes a thorough health review to understand the background to your visit, followed by an Acupuncture treatment


Follow-Up Consultation (50 mins.) - £48

An appointment for existing patients who have already visited Koru Acupuncture.

Scar Therapy

RESTORE Scar Therapy Standard Treatment (50 mins) - £50

To help new and older scars to promote healthy tissue using a combination of massage, scarwork and non-invasive devices.


Consultation and Scar Assessment

Scar Therapy treatment

Home Care Advice

RESTORE Scar Therapy Express Treatment (30 mins.) - £30

A shorter appointment to care for smaller scars from trauma or injury such as keyhole surgery, small burns or lacerations.


Consultation and Scar Assessment

Scar Therapy treatment over a smaller area

Home Care Advice


Premium Acupuncture and Scar Therapy appointment (90 mins.) - £60

The ultimate treatment for body and mind recovery.

An extended appointment including a full standard RESTORE Scar Therapy treatment, alongside a complete Acupuncture session to deeply soothe and nourish body and mind, aiding balance and recovery.


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